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Special Big Discounts

From 1st February up to 31st March inclusive, PowerVip offers interesting discounts for its regular customers:

1.   10% Discount over the following chips brands: HP, Lexmark, Epson, Minolta, Xerox, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Genicom, IBM, Kyocera, Nashua, Toshiba. The procedure will be as follows: for every 9 pieces that you buy, you will get 10!

2.   20% Discount over the following chips brands: OKI and Samsung. The procedure will be like this: for every 4 pieces that you buy, you will get 5!

a.    The discounts are applied for all the chips included in this Catalogue.
b.    This special promotion is valid for our usual and recurrent customers.
c.    There is no rounding calculation. For example for the second case, if a company buys 6 chips, it will receive 7 (1 chip extra as it has bought more than 4 pieces).

PowerVip understands that during the year 2014 there still will be present four processes:

1.    A merger procedure of the industry, after a geometrical growing.
2.   Clones cartridges at very low rates, whose absolute disappearance won’t be possible, althoughbeing fought by the OEMs.
3.    Recession period caused by the general economic crisis.
4.    New technologies outbreak that generate less impressions consumption

Considering this scenario and according to many talks, PowerVip agrees that these discounts are much useful for our regular customers than visiting us in Remax Frankfurt. In fact, all the money saved, both by our clients and us, seems to be better applied in this way.

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