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Remax (English)

Powervip, between other companies, has proposed many times to run this Trade Show every 2 years and always in different locations. This arrangement would probably be more expensive than the actual one, but for sure much more attractive either for exhibitors and visitors...

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ETIRA - Guía de Clones

ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) ha preparado un informe detallando la situación actual de cartuchos legales e ilegales que circulan por Europa; las diferencias técnicas y las eventuales penas por la comercialización de falsificaciones o cartuchos que infringen propiedad intelectual...

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Powervip has already released NEW TECHNOLOGY DEDICATED TONER CHIPS. As many customers have required us, this new solution has the components encapsulated and/or protected like the OEM Chips, seem to be difficult to be copied by any illegal competitor, and, in addition, achieves BETTER RATES

Due to inventory management, it will not be able to run both technologies simultaneously...

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Remax 2012

Powervip has been exhibitor during the Trade Show Remax 2012, during 28th - 31th January, in Frankfurt. We were glad to meet you there.

Since Year 2003 and without any interruption, PowerVip was present in this annual event, trying to rebuild its strategies according to the new challenges, being close to its customers and/or partners and listening to their needs and requirements...

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