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Special Big Discounts

From 1st February up to 31st March inclusive, PowerVip offers interesting discounts for its regular customers:

1.   10% Discount over the following chips brands: HP, Lexmark, Epson, Minolta, Xerox, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Genicom, IBM, Kyocera, Nashua, Toshiba...

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New Samsung & OKI Chips

New Toner Chips Released (Aftermarket, No originals)

Samsung (MLT-D203L) ProXpress SL-M3320/3820/4020 Black High Yield Chip - 5K
Samsung (MLT-D203L) ProXpress M3370/3870/4070 Black High Yield Chip - 5K
Samsung (MLT-D204L) ProXpress SL-M3325/3825/4025 Black High Yield Chip - 5K
Samsung (MLT-D204L) ProXpress M3375/3875/4075 Black High Yield Chip - 5K
Samsung (MLT-D115L) Xpress SL-M2620/2820 Black High Yield Chip - 3K
Samsung (MLT-D115L) Xpress M2670/2870 Black High Yield Chip - 3K
Samsung (MLT-D116L) Xpress SL-M2625/2626/825/2826 Black High Yield Chip - 3K
Samsung (MLT-D116L) Xpress M2675/2676/2875/2876 Black High Yield Chip - 3K

OKI C310/C330/C510/C530/C531/MC361/MC561 Cyan Chip - 2K
OKI C310/C330/C510/C530/C531/MC361/MC561 Black Chip - 3K5
OKI C310/C330/C510/C530/C531/MC361/MC561 Magenta Chip - 2K
OKI C310/C330/C510/C530/C531/MC361/MC561 Yellow Chip - 2K
OKI C510/C530/C531/MC561 Cyan Chip - 5K
OKI C510/C530/C531/MC561 Black Chip - 5K
OKI C510/C530/C531/MC561 Magenta Chip - 5K
OKI C510/C530/C531/MC561 Yellow Chip - 5K

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Clone Everything?

There are not only clone cartridges on the market, but also clone MCUs (Microcontroller Units). For your information, MCU is the raw material for making a chip...

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New Inkjet Chips



New Inkjet Chips Released (Aftermarket, No originals)

CODE                 Yield       #OEM
HP0363-IC-C       0K4       C8771E
HP0363-IC-KH      1K        C8719E
HP0363-IC-KL      0K4      C8721E
HP0363-IC-M       0K4      C8771E
HP0363-IC-Y        0K4      C8773E
HP0364-IC-CH     0K75     CB323E
HP0364-IC-CL      0K3      CB318E
HP0364-IC-KH     0K55     CN684E
HP0364-IC- KL      0K25    CB316E
HP0364-IC-MH     0K75    CB324E
HP0364-IC-ML      0K3     CB319E
HP0364-IC-YH      0K75    CB325E
HP0364-IC-YL      0K3      CB320E
HP0920-IC-CH     0K7      CD972A
HP0920-IC-CL      0K3      CH634A
HP0920-IC-KH      1K2      CD975A
HP0920-IC-KL      0K42    CD971A
HP0920-IC-MH     0K7      CD973A
HP0920-IC-ML      0K3     CH635A
HP0920-IC-YH      0K7     CD974A
HP0920-IC-YL       0K3     CH636A
HP0940-IC-CH      1K4     C4907A
HP0940-IC-KH      2K2     C4906A
HP0940-IC-MH      1K4     C4908A
HP0940-IC-YH       1K4     C4909A

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